Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ouzo... My new best friend

Lately things have been a little tense in my household. With good reason I suppose. My dear husband quit smoking 2 weeks ago. Granted, I am extremely proud of him for making this decision and sticking with it, but damn if it hasn't been hard. I have never been a smoker. Except when I drink... Heavily I might add. Even then it is menthol clove cigarettes, so they do not count. So I do not know what addiction is like. Apparently nicotine is one of the hardest habits to kick. I just wanted to kick him. So, because of all this nicotine withdrawal psychosis, I found a little something to help me cope. Ouzo. My new best friend. That stuff is better than any antidepressant I have ever had the pleasure of taking. Makes me all warm and giddy and smiley. I know this is the normal reaction to alcohol, but this is different. You just feel good. I highly recommend trying some immediately. The hubby hates the licorice taste but I love it. Oh and do not worry, I never ever drink and drive and actually do not drink as much as I let on so my kids are safe. Today was catastrophe day but I will write about that later, I am getting a bit woozy and I think the washer stopped. I must be pretty talented, blogging and washing clothes all while being slightly intoxicated. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blog harassment

This totally sucks! One of my favorite blogs is temporarily shutting down because the poor girl fears for her and the kids' safety. What the hell people? These are blogs, your space to write whatever the hell you want. I understand people can and will give their opinion but damn, use a little compassion and common sense. I hope she gets this straightened out. I truly enjoyed her stories and totally understand needing a neutral venting zone. Unfortunately I had a few mean comments when I first started my blog,thankfully no threats. I wish people would get a clue, it is not like someone is making them read blogs at gunpoint.


Last night I was on the phone with friends and through the course of the conversation, I realized I am different. My kids watch pretty much what they want. Spongebob, the occasional southpark (if it is not too bad), family guy....If I see that they can't handle it or if it is upsetting to them, we change it. My parents did not shelter me and I do not want to shelter mine. I do believe in god and I am teaching my kids that as well. We have not found a church around here to meet our needs but my kids do attend a non-denominational preschool/MDO. My husband and I have a lot of beliefs that tend to be shunned by the religious community. For instance, not all gay people are bad, and if they want to get married and be a family, let them! I am also pro choice. A decision that raises a lot of eyebrows here in the south. A woman's health should never be compromised. I do not believe in abortion for birth control nor do I believe in abortion after the first trimester except where the mother's health is in jeopardy, but I do believe in a good quality of life for a child. There are far too many children being abused and neglected. Okay, so I know these things are hugely controversial but I do not believe they make me a bad person. I think it is what is in your heart. If you have good intentions and love and caring for fellow man, I think that is spreading god's word. I love my friends dearly and would always respect their wishes where their children are concerned. Nor would I try to impose my beliefs on anyone. What is right for some is not right for all. Okay, got that off my chest. I feel better now :)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cell Phones...

Okay, I just have to tell you how much I hate cell phones. HATE them with an intense passion. And yes, I still own one. The nice wonderful companies screw you many times. First, the astronomical rates. Second, the oh so chipper assholes they hire for customer service. Third, the contract. But all of those things combined do not piss me off as much as someone who has a cell phone but leaves it in the car. Or maybe just refuses to answer your call even when they have 2, yes, count them, 2 cell phones but you still cannot reach them! Let's see, if you have a home phone, and between you and your husband you have 3 cell phones yet not one of them is on, you may be paying an unnecessary bill. Or two. Anyways, you know who you are........ MOM.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Hard to believe he is 10 months old. He loves Ansley so much, always wants to do everything she is doing.Driving her nuts. But I love to watch them together. I just love squeezing his little cheeks! He gets so mad at me when I kiss him but I just can't help myself!


I am so blessed to have my little angels. Babykins is growing up so fast. She is getting smarter and more beautiful everyday. I love her sense of humor and creativity. She was playing dress up and wanted me to take pictures of her and this is what we got. To me, this is by far more beautiful than any of her pagent pictures or professional pictures.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Flat chested fat girl

Say that title three times....Okay, so there has got to be someone besides me in the world that is chunky with small boobs. I HATE bra shopping. It used to be one of my favorite pastimes when I was skinny. I ran up my VS card to over 2000.00! Lucky for my sister, I got fat. Breastfeeding killed what little bit I had. I even went to a "specialty" lingerie store today to get humiliated, opps, I mean fitted. I was informed I am a small 38C or 40B. Now who the hell makes good bras in those sizes? Apparently not the "specialty" european overpriced snot boutique I went to today. I want a decent padded bra. Even VS does not work for me anymore. What I really want is a boob job. Big boobs would make me so happy. I know the girls that are fortunate enough to have these wish they had small ones, but hey, live in my shirts one day. Here is the retarded part, my clothing sizes are all f-ed up. Size L-Xl or 14 in shirts and size 16-18 in pants, depending on who makes them. I can even fit into a 14 dress! So I cannot do anything about the size of my boobs, I figured I would attempt to enhance what I have. I got belly dancing classes for my 28th birthday. Last thursday was my first class and I love it!!!! It definitely works muscles you did not even realize you have. All I have to say is my instructor is probably late 50's early 60's and her belly looks like a 16 year old. There are some other chubby women in the class so I do not feel too ginormous next to my skinny friend who so graciously agreed to embark on this adventure with me. I am all excited and buying all kinds of cool belly dancing crap I will probably never use outside of class, but hey, whatever makes me happy.
I decided to be nice to the hubby and I called his brother to plan a surprise trip for him. He is a massive, no massive is an understatement, crazy fan of the red sox, has been since childhood. Game nights at our house involve the kids wearing their jerseys, Mike and his brother wearing their jerseys and god forbid I wash them on a winning streak. They are also massive yankee haters. So I figured buy him tix for the game against the yankees at fenway in boston. His brother agreed but stupid me couldn't keep a secret so now we are all going to boston for a few days. I have never flown before so this should be interesting. Might have to pop a few xanax or have a couple drinks. That might not be such a good idea with the kids though, I am probably gonna have a nervous breakdown trying to keep them and myself calm. I am going to make the best of it though. I have until september to prepare myself. But anyways, the babies are sleeping and I need to be cleaning. Any advice on bras is appreciated, I am about to start burning them.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Looking up...

My last few posts have not exactly shown me in a good mood. I am in a relatively good mood tonight. It is late, the kids are asleep, the hubby is asleep and I have peace and quiet. Well, almost. The furry babies keep kicking fleas on me but I guess that is my fault because I have not gone to buy their flea medication. Lack of money would probably have to fall in a higher category than laziness this time. Although, I am going to buy their meds tomorrow with the money I made this week selling my kids' crap on eBay. My Oh-so-underprivileged children have a few toys less this week which means I can walk in my livingroom and I have 230 bucks to buy dog medicine. I sold 6 things and made over 200.00. Amazing. I had a yardsale this past Saturday and barely made over 100.00, and that was a yard full of crap. What was I thinking?

So anyways, I know everyone wants to know what happened with the MDO. I had a horrible night thinking of what happened and what could have happened and I finally made the decision to go in and talk to them. I sat down on the floor with Joey and the other kids in his class and his teachers. I made small talk until all the parents had left, then I asked her about it. I told her that I knew Joey had been crying for more than a couple minutes by his face, a mother knows her child's cry. I told her that I know my son is a handful but by no means does that mean leaving him alone is excusable, they could have called me at any time they felt they could not handle him. She was definitely apologetic and I guess realized how upset I was because she asked me to let the kids stay and promised it would never happen again that I could even drop by her house on the days we do not have MDO so Joey will feel more comfortable with her. As a test I let the kids stay. I came in early and I found Joey sitting and playing with blocks. No tear stains or redness to his face at all. That was comforting. I did not take them back yesterday because it was my birthday and Mike took the day off to be with all of us, but I did take them today and amazingly enough, they both had a good day. I do like the women there otherwise I would have yanked my kids out and reported them so fast their heads would still be spinning. It is my intentions to not be predictable in my drop in visits and pick up times, I want to make sure they are always on their toes, not just with my kids but with everyone else's as well. We will see how it goes next week. I may be crazy but I think it is going to work. I am keeping my eyes and ears open though. Well, time to put the clothes in the dryer and go to bed.... Oh yeah, babykins now tells people that the "poweace came to our house". That will be tomorrow's post.