Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cheap or crazy? I think both.

So apparently I am a nutty woman right now. What's new about that though right? We decided to have the kids birthday parties together this year. Money was a big factor, they both wanted a "jumping" party and for those of you reading this that do not know about those parties, they are freakin outrageous. I am talking three hundred dollars for a 2 hour party. Stupid. I know. We have not been able to take the kids on any sort of vacation for the last 2 years and we really have not spent hardly any money on anything besides the basics in forever. So the kids deserve this. Ansley wants "hannah" themed stuff and Joey wants "super mario". Hannah has been no problem. They make everything under the sun with hannah on it. That is one rich little bitch for sure. Now Mario stuff is insanely hard to find. I have found a few things but damn, I am not willing to pay over 10 bucks on ebay for a freakin bag of mario gummies. Especially since I have done a little research and found out they sell them at dollar tree. Just not a dollar tree near me. I just want so badly to make this a good party for both my kids and I know, treat bags are not even really for my kids, they are for the other kids so what the hell am I stressing about right? I really just want to scream! I am not a martha stewart mom who is going to hand make all the party crap. I have too much on my plate for that. Mike keeps telling me I am worrying about this too much and I know I am, it is just that nagging little voice in the back of my head that wants this perfect and I am going crazy trying.


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