Sunday, July 22, 2007

I did it, I did it, I did it, Hooray!

So I am on a break from school. This quarter finally ended. And I made it though without quitting. Those that know me, I am sure expected me to quit. I have never really accomplished much of anything besides my marriage and my kids without quitting. Ohhhh, and I guess I ought to mention my 4.0 GPA. I think I did pretty good for that being my first time in college going full time.

My priorities are a little different now. Being away from the kids so much has "enlightened" me so to speak. My kids are my motivation for doing well in school. I miss them so much, and I want to make the time I am away, worthwhile. I want to make them proud of their mom. Here I am sounding like I am away from them all the time... It is like 2-3 hours most days. I think I am just trying to justify it again so I do not feel guilty. I have been having some major guilt issues over being in school. I am doing it to myself because Mike has been extremely supportive.

I yelled at Mike the other night. Want to know why? He put the dishes away wrong. He moved things around in the cabinet. He made dinner that night, cleaned the kitchen and even did a few loads of laundry. And I yelled at him. In my insane little mind, I told him he was trying to pull some little power play by changing the way I had things in the cabinets. That I do not tell him how to do his job, or go through and rearrange his computer crap. I was a little nutty that night. Guilt was eating me alive, I had like 4 papers to write, and felt like I had not done anything with or for my family.

Some of that craziness was because I missed a "first". I missed Ansley going down the slide at my in laws' pool. She and Joey are both swimming under water now. Mike obviously is a better teacher with the swimming thing because I am overprotective.

Anyways, I am back for now and for the next two weeks I am out of school so I am gonna be freaking out about Ansley starting school. Hope all is well with everyone!


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