Friday, February 11, 2005

The Mexican Mishap

Okay guys, I am going to use some colorful language. In more ways than one. I have had quite a night, yet I remain in high spirits. That could be the alcohol I am about to consume talking... It is 11:30 on a Friday night and I am rocking my dear little fat boy to sleep, Mike has Ansley in the tub and the beer in the freezer. Things are good. Right now anyways. 5 minutes ago, now that's a different story. Let me back up a bit. I wrote about the virus thing a few days ago, well, I guess Ansley was not quite over it. We decided to go for mexican tonight, Ansley wanted cheese dip. We get there, get seated, get the chips and salsa and we are loving it. Order our food and it comes out 5 mins later (by some miracle). While we are enjoying our yummy food, ansley says her tummy hurts and not 2 seconds later is hurling all over mike and the seat. I proceed in a hurried manner to the ladies room, pukey kid in tow. Park her over the toilet and tell her not to touch anything (germs, you know), grab a thousand paper towels and attempt to clean her up. In the meantime mike gets the check and tries to pack our food up since we got all of 3 bites. In the parking lot, Mike proceeds to strip down to his underwear, bear in mind that it is not only cold but public indecency should there have been a cop around. On the road Ansley wants to know where her shrimp are, me being the softie that I am, know better, but give them to her anyway. Mike informs me she is mine if she pukes again. Well, you know what happens next. Lucky me, I am holding Joey while he is filling his diaper in a rather loud bubbling noise, so Mike gets the puke again. In all this rambling, I have neglected to get my thoughts across clearly. As a parent, you become amazed at what you are able to tolerate. Never in a million years would I have thought I could finish my dinner after all that.... Puke and poop are suddenly commonplace things that you don't bat an eyelash at, yeah, they are gross, but you have to live with it. Parents are a strange, resilient breed.....


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