Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I feel a strange sense of peace right now. Ansley and I were laying in bed taking a nap this afternoon and I forgot to turn Joey's monitor off (Mike had him). Mike put him into the crib and he started crying and it woke us up and Anley looked at me and said "It's okay mommy" and she patted my head and kissed my cheek. She fell right back asleep but I could not. I just lay there staring at her and wishing that she would never grow up. I hope I never forget that moment. Fat boy is asleep on my chest right now and he giggled in his sleep. I have never seen a baby do that before. They are indeed interesting little people. A lot of family members kept commenting on how big Joey is, which I guess he really is. An aunt got onto me about calling him fat boy. I explained that it is most definitely an affectionate little name. He is about the same size as Ansley. A couple inches shorter and a couple pounds lighter but almost 2 years apart. There was something I meant to publish yesterday but never had the chance. I had Ansley in the little waiting area of the rest rooms at the funeral home while I fed Joey. A man came in a went into the bathroom and shut the door, came back out a minute later and Ansley says in a really loud voice that "him had to pee pee", "did he poopy?" I wanted to crawl under the table and laugh but instead I had to tell her that yes, he did have to go potty but we do not talk about other people going to potty. Speaking of the potty. I think she has it backwards. I had hoped she would be potty trained by now, I am letting her go at her own pace though. She goes to potty every night around midnight and wakes up with a dry diaper, I know that is a good sign, I just cannot get her to keep her panties dry during the day. Any tips on the potty thing are appreciated. Joey is asleep now, be back soon.


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