Monday, February 07, 2005

My weekend...

My weekend was good. Tiring, but good. We managed to get both kids to sleep at once (a miracle) and have a few decent minutes together. Mike and Ansley had a good afternoon at the park. Joey and I went to have pics made and visit with friends. I made my rounds with the kids to all the superbowl parties. Had to show off their Patriots outfits. Which, I am going to brag again, were awfully cute. That is thanks to their Uncle Chris, he keeps them outfitted in the new england area sports attire. My sister finally came to visit and we watched Napoleon Dynamite. Too Funny. I think my favorite line was the skim milk. Ansley watched it with us and I am afraid she took a liking to his dance routine. Scary. Joey is babbling so much now and I swear he said I need milk. I could be crazy though. Decided to try a new approach at parenting and wifing, I think I am ready to be nice now. Maybe think things through before I fly off the handle and want to kill the husband. I would never do that with the kids, Mike can defend himself :) There are a billion things I need to do, like find and give away all the maternity clothes, I am after all not going to need them anymore. Unless god decides to surprise me. Need to remove all my Christmas decorations from my front porch, we look like the scum of the neighborhood. At least we are nice. Donate would be a good word for the thousands of toys I have throughout my house and livingroom or should I say playground. I have been talking to Ansley and telling her she needs to think about what she would like to donate. That is not an easy thing to explain to a 2 year old. I think she gets it though. We will see when I load the car down and we have a little fit, she may surprise me though. I hope she does. My sister was looking on eBay for WP tickets and calmly informed that for 2 it was like 900 dollars. I told her she was insane. Thank god she did not have the money to buy them, I would have had to smack her. Wow, I sound really violent and that is probably the most opposite you can get with me. Time for bed. See you tomorrow.


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