Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sleep, Please!!!

Last night was not exactly a good night. We managed to get Joey and Ansley asleep before 11:30. That part was good. I think that was the first time in forever that we had them both asleep before we were. For the first time in a month, yes, that's right, a month, I got some. We were discussing our sex life, or lack thereof, when Ansley started screaming. She screamed for 45 minutes. I mean the shrieking type screams. Finally got her calmed down and she wanted to go on the couch. After that episode, I am not going to do anything to make her cry again, so we park our butts on the couch. She has another fit and this time wakes up Joey. Now I have 2 crying kids on my lap and spongebob on TV and it is 3 in the morning. Bear in mind that the night before, I did not go to bed till 4:30, not by choice of course. It is 3:40 in the morning and Ansley is still up. At least Mike is up with us tonight. But back to what I was saying, I did not get to sleep again till almost 5. Joey stayed up for 2 hours and this is so not like him. I really think no sleep is starting to get to me. I feel like shit all the time. I am only 27 and I feel like I look 37. Huge bags and dark circles under my eyes. I have a constant headache. I am really bitchy tonight, sorry. Mike evidently thinks I am just retarded. He gets an assload more sleep than I do and then wants to bitch about my parenting methods? Just a thought, but gee, who is with the kids 24/7? Oh yeah, me, the stay at home mom with no job. I wouldn't know anything about how to take care of my kids. Hell, I only had 2 of them. What do I know? On a lighter note, I did get out of the house tonight. Went to the boll weevil for dessert and coffee with my friend Dottie. I really enjoyed myself and it is nice to have someone understand you. Would have enjoyed myself a lot more with a few glasses of wine, but, I was driving. I was nice and brought mike a piece of peanut butter pie, know what his response was? How much did this cost? Like 10 bucks? I wanted to call him all kinds of explicit names, like ungrateful bastard. He did say thank you though. I need a drink and some sleep. Desperately. There is a nice bottle of vodka in the fridge with my name all over it. I saw on some website, can't remember which one, a onesie that said "my mommy drinks because I cry". How appropriate. I sound like a brazen alcoholic, but truth is, alcohol is a lot like sex, very scarce these days. Guess there really was no need to have my tubes tied after all....


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