Thursday, February 24, 2005

Accomplishment...It really does feel good!

Okay guys, its 3:15 in the morning, the kids have been asleep since 12:3o, pray for me that they keep doing that :) And I am now done cleaning my living room. I mean down and dirty cleaning. My living room is basically the playground. I cleaned each and every toy. Even the little crap Mcdonalds toys Babykins won't let me throw away. Those of you with kids know exactly what I am talking about. Wow, does this feel good. I just keep looking around in awe.
I know you guys are thinking, was it really that bad? Well, yeah, it was. The past 2 months have been hell with the sleeping issue and then all the sickness and then the family problems, so I put cleaning on the back burner. Something had to be put there to keep my sanity. Next project, the kitchen. That shouldn't be too bad. I just cleaned out the cabinets a few weeks ago. Well, this is goodnight this time and I mean it.


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