Thursday, February 24, 2005

I need new stuff

I think the title says it all.
While cleaning my livingroom today, take a deep breath, yes, I cleaned, I realized I need a new couch. My couch smells. With 2 kids and 3 dogs who really like the couch, it tends to stay dirty no matter what I do to it. I try to keep a slipcover on it all the time, but of course it is not waterproof. Thats what I need, A waterproof couch.
While making the decision to buy a couch, I decided we need to get off our butts and finally get flooring. Let me explain....Pre-babies, Mike and I were watching trading spaces one Saturday, we get the bright idea that, hey, we can do this too. I am referring to ripping up the carpet and painting the concrete. Our carpet was in pretty bad shape. We thought painting the concrete was a good idea. Why we thought that, I have no clue. Well, we half finished the living room and hallway, did not do the dining room at all and never ripped up the linoleum in the kitchen. Then I got pregnant. Of course, we were using oil based paint for the floors and we were too nervous to try finishing with the fumes and all. So, It got postponed till after the pregnancy. I miscarried and we were going to finish when I felt better, then I got pregnant again that very next month. So, 2 kids later, our floors still look the same. I do have giant rugs, but you can still see the concrete. I absolutely refuse to get carpet again. We have thought of several flooring options, cork, wood, and linoleum. Very expensive down to borderline cheap.
Our tax return should be coming in soon, so like all poor people in America, we are going to spend it when we get it. I really do want to put some back in savings for an emergency, but I need an account we can't touch. Thought about a CD but the penalties for early withdrawal are so steep I cannot see doing that just because if I did my transmission would die and I would need the money.
I started listing crap on eBay. I have an overabundance of baby stuff and this is after donating and giving numerous bags away. I sold 3 pair of shoes Ansley outgrew before she ever wore them. It breaks my heart to do it, but I am going to sell her pageant stuff too. Daddy said no more pageants. Too much money and he doesn't want her to grow up thinking being pretty is everything. I really don't want her to think that either, I just want to show her off. She has such a big personality for a little person. Joey has outgrown all of the clothes we received at the shower, guess I will sell those too. Mom was making fun of me telling Mike to hide his stuff that I might sell it. I am afflicted with tunnel vision. I get an idea then run it into the ground. My dad calls this the bull in a chinashop syndrome. All the women in my family have this gift.
Babykins and Fatboy need spring clothes. Girl clothes, no problem. Boy clothes, they suck. I hate shopping for Joey. Not for any reason other than boy clothes just are not fun. They all look the same and most have something to do with sports. I want cool little clothes, well, maybe not so little, he is already in 12 months. I have fallen in love with the Ralph Lauren plaid shirtalls. Too bad I refuse to spend 40 bucks a pop. Enough rambling for tonight, I am sure I will bore you again tomorrow.


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