Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back... for the time being.

So I have kinda neglected the blogging thing lately. A lot has been going on though. I guess I can use that as an excuse.

I am officially registered for school. God help me, I am taking 4 classes. Monday through Thurday nights and Saturday mornings. I start June 4th and I am scared to death. How am I gonna do this and still be Mommy and wife and well, I am not a good housekeeper to begin with so that does not even count. I really hope I am ready for this.

Tuesday was a bad day for me. Joey screamed when I left him at school,some bad news, and a bad hair cut. Joey seems to be having a tough time of it again lately with school. He and Ansley only go 2 mornings a week for almost 4 hours. He was doing so good, just kissing me bye and running off to play. Now he screams like he is dying and grabs onto whatever part of me he can reach. Which in turn makes me cry, but I know he needs to get over this attachment thing he has going on. Do any of you think there may be an underlying reason for this?

The hair is trivial and stupid, I know. It will grow back. For now though, my hair is shorter than my husbands... think really short pixie type cut. The few people that have seen me, their jaw dropped. So it is a major change for me. I go to push my hair back out of habit and realize, oh, I do not have any hair anymore. Whatever.

The bad news was that my brother and his wife lost their baby, she was 8 months along. It just makes me sick to think about it. I cannot even imagine what they are going though. I haven't talked to them yet, my dad has and just relays messages. I want to do something to let them know I care, but what? You don't send your brother a sympathy card and a plant. I am just trying to respect their privacy right now because I feel like that is what I would want. If you get a moment, pray for them.

I feel like an ass complaining about my hair then talking about my brother's loss. No comparison at all. There are lots of things going on in everyone's life, I guess it is all in the way you handle it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Testing...quiet please!

Before I get started, let me just say, I am over the MIL crap. I have not spoken to her and have no plans to in the future, so we will see where that goes later.

Took my entrance exam for college since I have been out so long. Turns out, I am not as dumb as I thought! I scored a 92 in reading, a 99 in english, and a 71 in pre algebra and a 31 in algebra. I have always said math is not my thing. So, to put it bluntly, I am only going to have to take one remedial algebra class instead of three. And of course, no remedial english. That totally made my weekend. I still have yet to see if any of my previous classes will transfer. I hope at least one or two will.

Ansley had her first belly dancing class last friday. A friend of mine did a little research and found a class for our daughters to attend together. I liked it, Ansley was a little shy though. She already knew how to roll her belly (thanks to my belly dancing days). It just made me want to start taking classes again. I loved it! I am going to let her go again and if she decides she likes it we will keep going. She loves to do it at home, she is just so shy in front of people. Anyways, here are my babies, Ansley at the studio and Ansley teaching Joey what she learned. At least he is gonna be cultured right?