Saturday, November 25, 2006

If you pick it up, put it back where it belongs...

That goes for everyone out there who has picked something up at a store, only to lay it down somewhere else because they changed their mind. My new attitude is a result of my new holiday job. The fear that we were not going to be able to provide a nice Christmas for the kids and our families prompted me to get a crap seasonal position in a major chain store. My hours are hell, I work overnight. 10p to 7a. God help me.

I just got home from my first night/morning and I am exhausted. There is a good reason for this... Lazy asses, like I used to be, just tend to drop shit anywhere. I spent all damn night putting things back. It sucked. So think twice and put your shit back so I don't have to! Okay, my ranting is over for now.

Things haven't been wonderful lately but they haven't been horrible either. We all went through our rounds of illnesses. The kids are doing well in school. I do not think I have updated you guys, but Joey has been going, and staying! Without crying! I am still in awe every time I drop him off. My dear husband camped all night the freezing weather last week to get a Nintendo wii, he got one and he and the kids love it. The first night he had it he was trying out the little sports thing, in a t shirt and boxers. I was secretly giggling at how silly he looked. I told his friend I was gonna record it and post it on youtube. I still might. So dearest, if you are reading this, watch out :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Old friend or no friend?

I had an interesting conversation today. It was regarding friendships. My real friendships have always meant a lot to me. By real, I mean it is not a passing phase, a person that will always be close to my heart, I know that sounds cheesy as hell, but it is true. A person that no matter how much time goes by between conversations, you still feel the same about and vice versa. A person that knows and understands life is constantly moving and doesn't fault you for not visiting or calling.

I only have a handful of real friends. No matter how many friends you have, it still sucks to realize that someone whose friendship you always held close does not feel the same way. One would think you would have to be a little on the slow side to have that happen, but I like to think I am not slow... Occasionally ditzy but not slow. I truly value my friends and hope they realize this because I know I do not always voice it.