Thursday, April 27, 2006

Allergic to...Everything????

In the midst of all my bitching and moaning I forgot to post the results of the 2 sets of bloodwork the kids had done. My kids are officially allergic to everything.

Milk protein
Soy protein
Egg whites

Now what the hell do I feed them? The dogs are okay, being poodles, they do not shed so we are good in that area. No cats so that is good too. The food? I am baffled. The kids were already on what I thought was the most expensive milk out there, lactaid. I was wrong, I went to pick up some "rice dream", sounds yummy right? It was $4 for a half gallon! This wouldn't be so bad but Joey is addicted to milk. Naptime and bedtime are not the same for him without milk. We are milk and diaper poor. We shall figure it out though. Me being optimistic is pretty funny, I think it is the wine talking.

Ohhhhh, big news, for the last 2 nights, the kids have been asleep by 9. I am in heaven!!!!!! My wonderful new pediatrician gave me something to temporarily help them sleep so I could establish a new sleep habit with them relatively painlessly. It is working wonders! This makes the 3rd night and I am hoping that just a week will have them trained and I can ditch the meds, so far so good.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A little hormonal maybe?

I have been freaking out a lot lately. The no time thing with mike sucks. The no breaks thing sucks. I am pretty much convinced everything sucks. But me. That's another story for another day though.

Mike is off at his "who is the biggest nerd" competition today. I am such a good wife. I cleaned out my van, inside and out so he could take the nerd herd to Macon today. After I cleaned it, I stopped by a tobacco shop and got him a new kind of tobacco for his pipe (he is soooo refined!). Then, I even went to get energy drinks and snacks for him and his friends. Tell me, are these the actions of a bitter hateful wife? I think not. And no, I was not feeling guilty about what I wrote.

I feel yuck right now so maybe I will write more later. I am noticing I talk to myself a lot.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mission Impossible

Does anyone besides me ever fight with their spouse? I realize people do not usually air their dirty laundry, but I know we are not the only couple out there with problems. I am so angry right now! I am a high maintenance wife. I know this, he knows this, where's the problem right? I have to have attention. A lot of it. Affection? Yes, lots. Problem is, I am not getting these things. I turn into a mean, hateful person when this happens. It is like the domino effect. I get ignored, I get mean, he gets pissed off, we fight. It is a vicious cycle.

To be fair, mike has a lot on him right now. Work and school are driving him nuts. To be fair to myself, I stay home, with both kids and do not get a lot of socialization. He says he needs a break, he is constantly working. What am I doing? I NEVER and I mean never get to leave my job. He may come home and help, but I am still here and still doing "my job". There will never be a happy medium or compromise because we cannot understand how each other feels.

I called him at work this afternoon, just to chat for a minute, I was in a good mood, and he tells me he has to leave for school in a few minutes and does not have time to talk, he has to finish something. Okay. Am I allowed to be upset about this or am I being petty? This comes after a weekend of him doing homework and afternoons when he gets home doing homework. I know that stuff has to be done, but I make time for him. All I really want is a few minutes of conversation and maybe a few hugs and kisses. Too much to ask? I guess right now it is.

* He just called to apologize.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm stoned....

Today was an odd day. My lovely potty trained little girl decided to become un-trained. I was sitting in my big chair on the laptop, reading blogs of course, when I smell something. You all have vivid enough imaginations to guess what it may be. She comes up to me and says "mommy I pooped". What the hell???? Why do they backslide?

I cleaned her up then sat her down to talk to her, calmly I might add. I asked her why she was having accidents. Her response? "I'm stoned". Now, where she came up with this one is a mystery. My husband and I haven't touched pot in like 7 or 8 years. We do not talk about getting stoned, nor does anyone I know... I think. Anyways, I call my dear husband and calmly inform him of our daughters new word all the while wondering where she heard it. Just to be sure I heard right, I asked again. Same response.

Now I may say the f word and some other expletives that she has repeated, and I know that is MY fault. I could almost care less about her saying damn, or shit, or even the f bomb. It is this one that worries me the most. Is that crazy? First I worry about how or where she heard it, second, what if she says it out in public? When I asked her where she heard that word, she said me. Ummm, NO!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Margarita monday!

It's a monday. Typical monday. Not too typical, I have had 2 margaritas. That is a lot for a weekday night. Not to mention I have a heavy handed pour when making drinks. I just never learned the art of a drink with a mere one or two shots. What is the point? I know you drink for taste with wine, or at least I do, but tequila? There is only one reason to drink tequila. It can be as horrid or as pleasant as you want it to be. Kinda breaks down my inhibitions. I rocked my cranky whiny kicking son to sleep without fussing at him, a plus for us both. My usually whiny at bedtime daughter is not getting on my nerves, I think I need to drink margaritas more often! Now if I could tear my husband away from his laptop, aka girlfriend, I might have a good night.

Friday, April 14, 2006

At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

Umm, maybe not petrified but frozen! We went to the beach this past week. A freakin cold ass dirty teenager beach. The one week out of the year that we get a vacation, free of course, it is like 60 degrees tops! Everyone knows that Myrtle Beach is always warm for spring break. Obviously it was not.

This was the kids' first beach trip, that they can remember anyway. Ansley had a hard time comprehending the beach. "But we need a sandbox to go with our pail and shovel". She was in awe when she saw it. Joey, he screamed. But what's new with that right?

It was maybe 50 degrees when we got there, but of course, we still go put our feet in the water because I guess that is just what you do when you go to the beach. It was the coldest I think I have ever felt on a beach. In the south. A few years back, Mike took me up north, my first time, and took me to Hampton beach. I thought it was pretty, big rocks, good breeze, people out in the water, this was August mind you, so I go running into the water and about have a heart attack it is so cold. It was worse than ice water. Myrtle Beach in April is not supposed to feel like a northern beach. It is supposed to feel like bathwater. Gross I know, but I have heard a lot of northerners refer to it that way.

The kids did adjust to the temperature, and we had a blast playing on the beach. Mike actually took Ansley out to ride the waves, she came back a little blue, but it was wonderful watching them. Joey eventually got comfortable enough to want to play in the water and shell hunt with me. We built many sand castles, most of which were destroyed by "baby king kong". I built a little iraq, I had a good little village going, then everyone decided to bomb it. Mike was going for a sand toilet but it just never quite looked right.

There were of course lots of little hookers with a never ending supply of drooling tards with booming systems trying to get laid. I guess that is what we get for going to myrtle beach. I was just amazed at the little hookers walking around in bikinis in 50 degree weather. Something else that stunned me was that either girls are just super easy or guys are just total tards, I guess they thought yelling at a girl is enough to get her to drop her bikini bottoms and bend over. Which from the looks of things, that is all it took. I told mike I will beat Ansley's ass if she ever gives it up to a tard like the ones there. I will also beat Joey's ass if he ever acts like that trying to get laid. I have a good while before I have to start worrying about that though.

I am officially a murderer now. Mike was digging in the beach during low tide and found a beautiful shell, a huge one, complete with icky critter inside. We wanted to keep it since it was the biggest shell we have found, so we put the critter in Ansley's pail with some sand and water, it lived. And lived. So finally it is time for us to pack up to come home and no one knows what to do with the critter. Mike wusses out on me so I have to murder it. I did the only thing I know to kill sea creatures. Boiling water. I felt horrible. It is no worse than boiling a lobster right? That is what I tried to tell myself anyway.

Overall, we had a good time. Of course I was jealous of the little hookers in their bikinis. I was the typical big fat mom in the supreme coverage tankini complete with swim skirt. I did forget about that long enough to have fun, so I guess that is what counts.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Temper tantrum...

Better known as mommy needs a really big drink. Right now I think I need a huge glass of something with a high alcohol content. Today started out good. Played with the kids outside, jumped on the trampoline. Had an uneventful lunch. Started to clean the kids room and lost track of time, before I know it, naptime is here. Started rocking Joey and everything was fine. At first anyway. He picks his head up, throws his cup on the floor and starts screaming. Not the average I am just pissed off kind, it is the neighbors are gonna call the cops because you are killing me kind. I keep on rocking, trying to ignore it. All of the sudden he slams his little head into my face. Now he has an abnormally hard head. My cheekbone is throbbing and I would bet money I am gonna have a black eye. Not to mention one of my teeth now feels loose.

I wanted to slap the shit out of him but I guess mommies have a built in mechanism to hold the arm back. That sounds horrible I know. I would never hurt my children. For any reason. I just do not know how to handle things like this. Joey keeps having severe temper tantrums. Like 2-3 hour screaming at the top of his lungs tantrums. This is making me crazy because he is usually my good sweet child. They are both sweet, Joey is just still "baby" sweet. Well, was. He is 18 months old, does something just change in boys? It is like he is a different child.

I feel responsible for his behavior because of the MDO thing. He still will not let me out of his sight. He is starting to ease up when I take Ansley. He wants to play on the playground with the older kids, not stay with the kids his age. He is still not attending the new MDO, but I am hoping he will get to the point that he wants to. Ansley absolutely adores her new "school" but even she keeps saying she does not ever want to go back to her old school. I hope the trauma caused by the old teachers is not a factor in Joey's behavior now.

We go to the doctor friday to get the results of the kids' bloodwork. I am nervous and anxious. At the same time I am glad the doctor went ahead and did it. I will post what the doctor says. I think now I need a percocet and a few shots.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My handywork

My photograpy skills are lacking but you can see the basic idea. I made this cornice board a couple months ago and just finally got it up. What do you guys think?

ADD anyone?

Went to the doctor this past week. Mike and I were both sick, I guess for all intents and purposes still are, but whatever, it is the upper respiratory snot thing. We got our antibiotics and decongestants and we are doing a little better. We did ask him about handling stress and depression, see, mike and I both came off of our antidepressants a while back, I hated it. Made me feel like I did not feel anything. I just did not give a shit and I had no sex drive. For most people this would be okay, not me. So, I explained what all was going on and how I was feeling, the doctor told me we were not the "typical" candidates for an antidepressant. We know why we are stressed and we know what is causing the depression and we really cannot change any of those things right now, so he said we need to focus. Makes sense to me. He prescribed Ritalin LA. So far so good. I have definitely been more focused, had a shitload more energy and I think it may be what I needed. Mike definitely needed it, he is so close to graduating and his grades are suffering this semester. Not that they are bad, my husband is just a perfectionist with an awesome GPA. If all goes as expected, he will graduate in December and the stress levels for us both will just about disappear! Once he graduates, I get to go to school. I am ready for it. I have blogged before about feeling stupid, and I feel more so right now than I ever have. I believe going back to school will help that tremendously. Well, I have rambled long enough for now :)