Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ever feel like an ass?

I have some good news. I switched pediatricians. The kids are now going to my old pediatrician. He is a wonderful doctor, I just have one small problem. I cannot freaking understand the man. Okay, so I do have a little bit of an excuse, I am partially deaf but that really has nothing to do with why I do not understand him. He has a severely thick accent. Of what I thought was Spanish. He gives Ansley a shot and she is crying so I try to take her mind off of it and tell her to start telling me what color things are in Spanish. He laughs at me and tells me she will have to teach him because he doesn't know it either! So what do I feel like now????

More good news about the pediatrician. This will be Ansley's 3rd pediatrician. I was going over her history with him and he was telling me that because she was premature and had severe jaundice, she could be lacking some immune system enzyme. I was like, about damn time! They did all kinds of bloodwork on the kids and we go back in 10 days to get the results. It was really comforting to hear him say that there is no reason my kids should be this sick all the time and that he would find out what is causing this. He is the one who diagnosed my sister with cold urticaria, she was either the first or second person in the US to be diagnosed with this and he found it, so that looks like a good sign to me. I know, why did I not start the kids out with him? Because I am hardheaded. In a big way.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Little sailor link

Here is the link to my little sailor's song:

I think you have to have quicktime. I am not a nerd, so I don't know.

Hope you don't think too badly of me for finding this funny :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's my party....

And I am gonna get smashed! Well, maybe not smashed but I intend to have a good time. I finally scheduled another surprise party. So, for those of you that read my blog that would like to attend:

Saturday April 29th @ 5pm

I made it early so my out of town friends will not have to drive all night.

Yes, I have friends! I know what you were thinking ;)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My little sailor

Mike took the kids to bed the other night and let me take a nice long bath and have a glass of wine, which by the way, I have hit a goldmine as far as wine is concerned, with me anyways. I will get back to that in a minute. I get to the bedroom all nice and relaxed and see my kids jumping up and down on the bed and my precious little girl singing at the top of her lungs. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help it. Mike apparently knocked a glass of water off of the nightstand and said "shit" rather loudly, so upon hearing this, my darling foul mouthed little girl proceeds to make up her own lyrics.

"we're gonna have a shit shit party! A shit shit party! Cockadoodledoo! A shit party!"

Creative, I know. My dearest husband makes a grab for his ipaq and records her nice little ballad. I wish I knew how to upload it, I will make him put it on his website tomorrow. Now how do you reprimand your child while laughing? I tried so hard not to laugh but I just couldn't stop.
After I calmed down I tried to explain to her that good little girls do not say that word. She did not believe me.

Now I am not a bad person, I do everything I can for people less fortunate than myself and even those better off, but is it wrong of me to let my kids say what they want? At home of course. So far we have not really had to reprimand her in public. She only says things at home. My husband grew up without too many restraints on language (Boston area), so of course you know every 3rd word out of his mouth is foul. I, however grew up in the south, where there is a Baptist church on every corner and I never said much of anything that even seemed like a curse word. At home anyway. To this day I rarely, if ever, use even mild language around my parents. Which is odd considering my dad has a sailors vocabulary. She comes by it honestly.

Now onto the wine, It is a Moscato Di'Asti by La Serra. It is like heaven. It is cheap, around 13 bucks at Sam's club. I know, I know, "she buys wine at sam's???". They actually have some good deals. I found a chardonnay by grigich hills that I paid 40 some odd dollars for at a wine shop for 20 something at sam's. I am a huge fan of sweet wines, so I normally lean toward the german or italian varieties. I am sure there are other good ones out there, I just do not have the finances to experiment too much. The Moscato Di'Asti is very smooth, no bite and just sweet enough... I will never be a wine connoisseur but I sure do enjoy the stuff. It tends to make me a much more fun mother and wife.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

We did it! We did it! We did it hooray!

Well, we finally did it.

No, not sex you dirty perverts :) We finally took the bottles away! Last night was our first bottle free night. It has now been a full 24 hours with no bottles. I am so freaking amazed it is not even funny.

Now, if we can get Joey out of diapers and Ansley out of diapers at night, we will have accomplished a mild version of freedom. Ansley has been doing great, no diapers during the day for quite some time now. She hates pull ups, she wants her big girl panties. I have to admit, I have a thing for buying underwear. For everyone. I lost a little of the excitement with buying mine because I just need to go down a size or two. But so far, I love GAP underwear for Ansley. I have to totally shrink them, but they are so cute!!!!!

Ohhhhh, I forgot to mention it, I got a mini van!!!! I am mobile again! It is of course a new to me van, but it looks great inside and out. We lucked up. We paid a lot less than it is worth and did I mention I am mobile again??? Now all I need is a red sox tag for the front and I am set to go.

Those of you with Dora obsessed children will most definitely appreciate this, I got 2nd row center seats to Dora's pirate adventure! We have not told the kids yet. I want it to be a surprise. We did splurge a little, but the kids have not really gotten anything lately and they have never been to a live show.

Since the van did not cost as much as we expected, we had a little left over from the tax return. So some went into savings... Oh wait, we actually have a savings account now! I got the Dora tickets and now the kids need summer shoes. There is a store called goody two shoes here and they get amazing deals on stride rites, I got Joey's summer sneakers for 12 bucks! Okay so anyways it is blatantly obvious that spending money makes me happy, but I have been happy for about a week now. The weather has something to do with it I am sure. That, and my wonderful husband and children. I swear, no sarcasm this time :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring is in the air...

Which means more doctor visits but you know what? That is okay. It is like 75 and sunny here. Everyone is mowing their lawn and the kids can play outside. At least for a few minutes anyway. I am all over the place with my mental state but up is better than down I suppose.

I can't wait for the kids to be able to jump on the trampoline they got for christmas. We want to get their playhouse set up in the backyard, because right now it is on my front porch so we look even more white trash than we really are, but that is beside the point. It is warm. It is sunny. It is gorgeous. You just have to be up when the weather is like this.

*I did a little research on the bastards mentioned in my last post, they are truly sick people. It is a person's right to choose whether or not they have children, and I respect whatever decision is made, however, do not criticize those that have children just for having them. Have a legitimate reason if you must do so.