Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All by myself....

So I had this evening all to myself. I guess I should say afternoon. Hell, I have been alone since about 2:30 today and it is almost midnight. There. Got it out.

Mike and the kids went to atlanta for the red sox/braves game. The one I was supposed to go to and could not because I had a midterm. So I wore my t-shirt anyway and went to class. Took my exam, wrote my essays and I hope to god I did better on this than I did on my first test in psychology. Not that I did horribly, I passed, got a 76. I was hoping for better but I think I overdid it with the studying. In ethics and psychology. We will see next week though.

I got home from school around 6, checked my email, walked around the house thinking wow, it is super quiet. Debated on taking a long bath but I decided to go to the movies instead. I had never gone to see a movie alone. I actually enjoyed myself. Went to see "Knocked Up", it was cute. I would almost venture to say it was worth the $9.25 I had to pay for my ticket. Overall, I think this evening has been very nice, no noise, no disruptions. I needed it in a big way. My brain felt like it was going to explode if I tried to add one more thing.

Speaking of abnormal brains, I have a paper to write in psychology. A topic that pertains to something in psyhology that has pros and cons and requires critical thinking. Any ideas would be appreciated as I have yet to get started on this and it is due, oh a week from now. So seriously, give me ideas for a topic people. I am in dire need.

Friday, June 08, 2007

4 going on 20

Yesterday I picked up a friend's daughter, K, for swimming lessons. She gets in the car and I buckle her in the booster seat and shut the door. I get in and start driving off. I hear the girls talking in the back. They sound so serious...

K: Ansley, I have some bad news....

Ansley: Oh no! What happened?

K: My fish died

Ansley: Oh how terrible! Are you so sad?

Bear in mind, K just turned 5 and Ansley is 4. This just floored me! They sound like little women already! Their tone was so serious... I had to try so hard to keep from laughing. I had to call K's mom immediately and she was just as in awe as I was.

They grow up so fast. It is hard to see your 4 year old already acting like she is 20.

*Mike brought something to my attention about the title of my post, now I was never a pot head so I did not catch the "420" reference.