Friday, September 22, 2006

Check out my men...

I love this picture. How tough does my little Joeyman look??? Okay, I know I have been bragging a lot lately, I just finally started taking pictures again and I have to show off my favorites. Joey is just a little mini-me of Mike.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Underwater wasteland or wonderland?

I have this fish tank. Ansley pitched a fit to have fish a while back, like over a year ago. So we got her a 10 gallon tank with all the cool little extras and for a while, it was well taken care of, not so much anymore. Now, I am usually a good pet owner and treat my pets with love and respect, these poor fish though have not had it so good lately. Their tank is in dire need of a good cleaning and they need new homes. So I am trying to find them adoptive parents. So I can pitch the tank. But, here is the good part. I have found a solution. Ansley wants a fish tank of convenience, so an Ambient Water Video Aquarium DVD would be an awesome replacement. We could pop in the aquarium dvd and presto, instant fish! Without all the work! Not to mention that would be a good thing to have on while the kids are playing, instead of all the noisy cartoons, we could have peaceful fish.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mine or hers?

Just from looking at this picture, you would think that this would be me and my daughter. Unless of course you knew me and knew that I was oh, almost a foot shorter and chubby with brown hair. I saw this picture and was like my god, she could be her child. But anyways, for those who do not know, this is my younger sister who is obviously blonde, skinny and almost 6 ft tall. It is astonishing to me that they can look almost identical. This picture actually does not show just how much Ansley does look like her.

By the way, just disregard all the shit in my kitchen behind them. I am really keeping my house a lot cleaner now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It burns!

151 really burns. One might ask, what the hell are you doing drinking 151? Well, the desire to get severely drunk, super fast might have something to do with it. The fact my little hellions.... opps, did I say hellions? I meant kids, have been ungodly horrible today may be a clue. I guess I would venture so far as to say they have not been horrible, just whiny to the point you want to beat the hell out of them. Thank god I know not to do this.

Okay, had to take a diaper break, I will be SOOOOO glad when Joey is finally potty trained. He got a "peter potty" for his birthday, I would have put a link but I am too lazy right now. Oh did I mention Joeyman turned 2? We have officially entered the terrible two's and I quit taking my prozac. As long as I have alcohol and pills I should be okay. Not that I am an alcoholic pill popper, who is in denial or anything.

I am not sure if I am making much sense right about now, I just felt the need to vent a little. Things have been a little hectic and tense lately but what is new about that? Mike has until december with school and he is D.O.N.E. Can you tell I am excited??? We are going to get him situated then I will begin to fret over my lack of education.

That has been bothering me a lot lately. I keep running across these stay at home moms with degrees of all sorts and I have to meekly state that I am not finished yet. I am not even close. Which has been making me want something big even more. I mean like real big. I think I want doctor status of some sort.

Could be the want for money, I am not sure. I think I will of course figure this out one day, just not tonight... although big decisions have been made before under the influence of alcohol. Again, I think I am spewing nonsense so I am going to do another shot. :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Too smart?

Kids these days are just unreal. I know that sounds just like something my parents would say. Ansley has been asking for some "technologically advanced" things. She is already making specific requests for Santa. She wants an Ipod, a pink one at that! Then of course, the gay Idog to go with it, then clothes for the Idog..... I asked her, "do you even know what you do with an Ipod?" bear in mind she is only 3. She told me it is for daddy to download her music so she can listen to it. And she needs the ear thingys too. Okay, I barely know what an Ipod is for, let alone how to freakin use the thing! She must take after her father in that department. He is a nerd and all...

Maybe we can actually win an Ipod. That would just be wonderful. My 3 year old could then have her toy without us having to fork out a few hundred bucks. Crazy right? Funny thing is, she will probably get one. And even learn how to use it before I do.

Sweet dreams

Bear with me on this one. I am half asleep and pissed off.

Had a normal night, or at least I did until I started dreaming. Very rarely will I remember my dreams. When I do, anger is usually present. In very high doses.

I am a weird sleeper to begin with, I talk in my sleep, I snore louder than most men and seldom do I sleep in. I would love to, but something in me just clicks and my eyes pop open. So anyways, I am rambling here, I need to get to the point.

Ever dream about something you know never happened or will happen and you just get mad anyway? I am so mad at mike right now and I know it is completely irrational because he is in the bed right now beside the children, where he was all night long.

I wonder if subconsciously I am freaked out because he actually has a life and I do not. And by that I mean he gets out, away from us and does things without the kids and I. These are things he has to do, like school and work, so what the hell is my problem right?

He has some school functions coming up and I do not think I am going with him, they will be overnight things, the nerd competitions, I really do want him to go and enjoy himself since this is his last semester of school but maybe that is what is gnawing at my brain making me all retarded.

Maybe some of this makes sense.