Monday, October 30, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

It is that time of year when I get all creative and decide to kill myself with projects, so here are a ton of pictures for your enjoyment and be nice about my efforts...damn it.

My friend Sharon and I decided to get all in the fall mood and since we do pumpkin patch pics every year, we thought this would be too freakin cute with the pumpkin stuff. Sharon did most of the work, I can't take credit for it all.

This next set is of Ansley's "flower fairy" costume. Took me 5 hours but I am not complaining, the results are worth it.

Now I did not make my little man's costume because frankly, I am just not that talented but here he is asleep in his costume because he refused to take it off.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Yes, I am curious about what my husband is doing on the laptop. He was sitting here last night, doing his homework like a good little boy and I hear the little chime of google talk. It is like bells and fireworks freaking go off in my head because immediately I have to get up and go look over his shoulder. It is like this insane need for me to see who he is talking to, only I have no reason to be this way.

We are both addicted to our laptops and google talk. It is our means of communication while he is at work and school. For the most part we share most of the same "buddies". So why am I all psycho nazi about google talk? I have no idea.

The only reason I can think of, is that way back in 99, I was chatting on aol and this interesting guy Im'ed me. The one I think I fell in love with before we even met. The one I married. I guess I feel like if that could happen for me so easily(obviously it did for him too), it could happen again. Or perhaps I am just feeling yucky about myself and therefore doubting he could possibly still love the nagging, fat, psycho bitch I have become... the bitch part has always been there though.

Anways, enough of that crying in my beer crap. I am better now, almost no snot left. While I was sick, my Joeyman got sick too, a weekend hospital stay, every test came back negative but we still had to do the oxygen tent thing. He is all better though, now Mike is sick. I guess when the ball starts rolling...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sick or sick in the head?

I fucking hate being sick and yet I am sick again. I take vitamins, I am relatively active, I mean I chase 2 kids around all day so it is not like I sit on my butt all day. Yet I am sick. Went to the doctor and did not get a straight answer on what I have, do you guys have that problem? Oh I got antibiotics and a decongestant. His answer when I asked him what was wrong? Oh your throat looks disgusting. So I point blank ask, do I have a sinus infection? Yes. Finally a straight fucking answer.

Apparently I get pretty mean when I get sick. Well, I know I do. I yelled at Mike today and hung up on him like 3 times and he still came home to take care of me. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so mean. He still likes me though so that is good. I will be back later when I am a little less sick in the head.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Nude no more...

Okay, so I can't be naked around the kids, more specifically Joey any longer. Not that I was a stark raving nudist or anything, but I never had a problem with being naked around them. Mike and I have always taken the "your body is not a weird thing" approach with nudity and such. We tell the kids like it is. Or like we think it is. That the body is a natural thing and they should not be ashamed of it. I guess for girls this approach sinks in, for boys, not so much.

The other day the kids and I were taking a bath and Joey just reaches out and grabs my chest and says "BOOBIES!". I guess that is typical male behavior but I have to say, it did freak me out. Made me feel very icky. My baby is a baby no longer. He is turning into a boy. I guess this means he isn't gay.

*update: while watching old school the other night, Joey just happened to look at the screen and again, out with the "BOOBIES!".

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Everyone has different taste in well, just about everything. Secretly, I have a thing for a man in a tie. Just something there that does it for me. I have to like the tie though, which is why my husband gets stuck wearing ties I love and he hates.

Christmas is coming up and I have been thinking, is a tie a good gift? We are undying red sox fans, so maybe the kids could get him a Boston tie. I found some really cute red sox ties at Maybe then he would have at least one tie he likes.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sharing the bed

I can't sleep tonight so I figured I would get up and write, or type...Whatever. I was laying in bed listening to the kids and mike breathe and snore, and it dawned on me, as much as I bitch about the kids in the bed, I like having them there. Laying there so calm and breathing deep, they look like little angels. Mike looks so protective, even in his sleep, his arm around Ansley and his hand on Joey. He fell asleep holding my hand, it was nice.

Something about me...

Lately I have been reading a lot. I tend to read mostly on the net because, well frankly, my laptop is one of the few things in the house that the kids deem important. By that I mean they know mommy will fly into an unrecognizable rage if something happens to her only means of momentary escape.

But anways, I have always had a love of weird and sometimes useless trivia. I love trivia games (as if I ever get to play them) and of course this coincides with reading. I found a pretty cool blog about trivia type stuff.

I sat here this morning and read the majority of september's entries. Of course, being the weirdo I am, I liked the murder and burial facts the most. So far the information is pretty reliable since I just finished a book on serial killers and the blog listed several that they mentioned in the book and both give pretty much the same account of the timing and facts. If anyone should share my affinity for unusual trivia, this blog is an unusual and easy read. Definitely takes away from the everyday norm.

Catch up time

So I don't have to tell you guys it has been crazy. That is a given. I have been sick, like allIwannadoissleep sick. I am for the most part over it, I still have the scratchy voice that sounds like I smoke 4 packs a day. Think of the episode of friends when phoebe had a cold and loved the scratchy voice. That is me, only I am so ready to talk normally again.

Thursday night we had a spur of the moment trip to palm coast, Florida. We stayed until Saturday afternoon, then began the journey home. Just in case you were wondering, we had to take my mom to see my dad. He was working there, now in apopka. Anyways, the kids loved seeing Pop, I just wish they could see more of him. The kids were surprisingly good for the trip and I feel a bit better about traveling with them now, should we have to.

It is already October! That means even less time till Mike is done with school! I am soooo excited! He is doing good, like always. I am so proud of him, I just wish he knew that. Have to go do my mommy stuff now....The kids need food and such.