Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Boys don't carry purses.... Or do they?

Monday night mom took the kids to chucke cheese. I was getting them ready to go and Ansley said she needed a purse to match her outfit for the tokens and tickets. I went off in search of a purse and Joey comes up to me with a little brown leather purse on his shoulder, ear to ear grin, saying "purse mine". Ansley pipes up with "Boys don't carry purses! Do they mom?". I told her no, that typically boys don't carry purses but some like to... Just how do you explain that to a toddler? Especially my son! I don't want him to be a purse totin' friend of dorothy, but I will love and respect him no matter what, but geez! Worrying about this crap this early? No wonder I am starting to get gray hair!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goodbye back fat!

The last few days have been a little weird for me. The adderall I am on is definitely helping to keep me busy but good god I feel like a coke fiend or something. I have never done coke so I am just assuming that is the right reference. The good side to that is that I have not been eating hardly anything. Something must be working because I am noticing things about me are changing. Anyone who has had a kid knows about back fat. Hell even Britney Spears has back fat. That is the first thing I noticed the other day, I put my hand on my lower back and was pleasantly surprised, it did not even feel like me! I am losing the back fat!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Follow your nose...

Yesterday was a traumatic day in my household. One minute I am on the phone gazing into the fridge trying desperately to find something for lunch, the next my son is screaming bloody murder grabbing his face. Of course this scares me half to death, I grab him and run to the couch to hold him and try to find out what is going on, it looked like he had blood coming from one side of his nose. I am holding him and calling my mom in a panic and I finally got him calm enough to wipe his face and nose and lo and behold it is not blood. It is a pinky reddish orange color. I am thinking what the hell has he got up his nose?

I look around on the floor and notice a pill. A pinky reddish orange one. One of the two ibuprofen I had given mike after dinner. It suddenly becomes obvious where the other one is. Apparently mike left them on the TV tray and did not take them. DUMBASS.

So my mom calls poison control and I call my sister in law, the RN. Joey is screaming again by this time. A dissolving ibuprofen pill in your nose apparently hurts. Deb brought over the little grabber things but the pill was too far up for us to grab, so we play the waiting game. I swabbed the inside of his nose with lidocaine and then a few saline drops to try to hurry and dissolve the damn thing and it starts coming out in foamy chunks. I felt awful, my poor baby was hurting and there was nothing I could do about it except call mike at work and yell at him for leaving the freaking pills out in the first place. About 5 calls to doctors later he is fine and they said that 200mg of ibuprofen is not toxic for his size. So, Joey learned a little lesson, do not stick shit up your nose! I asked him if he was ever going to put anything up his nose again and he shook his head violently and said "unh uh!". And how was your day????

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Old hag?

It is official. I am 29. Yesterday was my birthday. I had what mike referred to as a "Hanukkah" birthday. I had 2 cakes and like 3 celebrations. My parents took me out for sushi, spent like 200 bucks but it was sooooo worth it. That stuff is like crack. Anyways, it was a nice birthday even if I am feeling old and wrinkly. Everyone kept asking me if I was 30. Talk about a mood killer.

Joining the Y has been good for me. Well, actually summer has been good for me. We have been swimming just about every day since it was warm enough to swim. I am noticing a difference in my body. Getting toned up but I just cannot deal with the baby belly. 2 c-sections have wrecked my chances for a flat stomach ever again. As soon as the kids will let me leave them in the nursery I plan to work out a little each day. So far though, the swimming alone is kicking my ass. My whole body hurts every day when I get home. I hope it pays off. I am tired of being fat. Now I have old to add to the fat part.

Mike and I were discussing being fat. It is not something that happened overnight. It is not something we even meant to let happen, we just truly love food. When we discuss traveling or even just getting out of the house the first thing we discuss is food. I could be skinny if I wanted to, don't get me wrong, I do not eat like a cow or anything, I just do not limit myself to salads or no fat stuff. I eat like a normal person it just sticks to me a little more. I think the hormones have something to do with it. Or I could just be trying to make myself feel better.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Crying in my cornflakes...

My password finally came to me in a dream, Otherwise I would still not be blogging.

Right. I'll just go with that story. The real one is a lot less interesting.

My parents are moving out of their house and packing their stuff in storage. I do not like this. At. All. But since I am about to be 29 I just need to quit my whining. Mom is pretty much selling everything in their house. 2 bedrooms are empty already and it is setting in that pretty much the whole house will be soon. I will have no family of my own here around me. None. Brother lives in Savannah, not that I really talk to him anyway. Sister lives in Asheville, over 4 hours away. My parents will be all over.

Dad leaves for Kentucky Thursday. I have seen him twice in the last 2 months. Mom at least is staying to pack up the house. I will have her till the 1st of august. Still does not make it any easier. I am just a big baby, I know it should not matter what my parents choose to do. It may be wrong of me, but I want my kids to know them. Know them like I knew my Mema. It is selfish of me but I have always wanted them closer to my side of the family and now that is pretty much not gonna happen.

I always think of the what-ifs. What if one of my kids get sick and put in the hospital? Will my parents come to see them? What if something happens to me and I need help? What will I do then? I am just so freaking negative it hurts.

My mother and husband suggested I go to the doctor to be put on more happy pills to make this easier on me. So, now I am officially on prozac and adderall. My little cocktail should work. I know the adderall keeps me focused that's for damn sure. Focus may not be what I need right now though. I need to just not care. Should have gone back on the zoloft for that. Ironically enough, I hate pills. With a passion. But, I always seem to have someone telling me I need them.

On a lighter note, we joined the Y. We got a 30% discount on membership fees and my sister in law and mother in law agreed to pay for it. Very generous of them. I do appreciate my husbands side of them family I just feel like they are not mine. I want mine.

I want I want I want. I always want something. This week I am going to do something to help someone else that wants something. Maybe that will make me a better, less whiny person.

Ohhhh, forgot about girls night out. This past Saturday we had girls night out. Mike took the kids and I got to go out with the girls. We SO looked like a bunch moms out on the town. Went to a tapas restaurant downtown and spent a fortune. I, of course seemed like the alcoholic of the group. Secretly had a beer while waiting on them to pick me up, then had 2 framboise lambic's with my dinner, then off to a coffee shop where I had my coffee spiked. Then one of the husband's called, you knew that was going to happen. So we made a baby check then headed back out to visit a friend that just had her baby 2 weeks ago. On the way of course we stopped to get more booze, my friends are so nice, they kept getting me birthday drinks. So, long story short, we got out around 6, came home around 11 with a fairly decent buzz, only had one run in with the kids, I think it was a good night. I needed it.